Pinecrest Middle School students stood out in their debate and speaking skills in English.

Pinecrest Middle School students stood out in their debate and speaking skills in English.

Model United Nations, MUN has been a compelling experience for students all around the word. The main target of the model is to make students live History and Geography from an active approach.

By participating in this discipline, our Middle School students put into practice their remarkable communicative skills in English.

Pinecrest International School obtained 1st place this year, represented by Rocío González, Santiago Marín and Camila Sánchez (substitute) who turned into the Delegation of The Philippines. They started deep research to get to know the problem of microplastics in the world and its impact for the country they represented.

MUN implies that students identify and understand a current social issue, they must be able to take the position of this country and write a paper that shows how they act in regard to it from a diplomatic viewpoint. Students research, prepare notes, organize a binder with key information by the time they develop their debating skills, too.

Being the 1st place winners of this contest means a scholarship, apart from the fact of getting to know peers from the different network school. Having this kind of awards proves to be helpful when applying to national and international schools.

Thank you to our Premio LiderA team for putting the school's name on a high note and demonstrating the world-class academic qualities our students possess, as well as the tenacity and determination to excel as leaders.

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