Junior High School

In Pinecrest we form youth to:

  • Learn to reason and resolve.
  • Face a challenging and changing world.
  • Learn from experience.
  • Intelligent and skillful for social competencies.

Students prove their English knowledge in both academic and technological tests;

  • College Board
  • Robotics program
  • MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist).
  • PET/KET Cambridge Certificate

Human and Spiritual Formation

In this stage, teenagers not only develop human competencies that will allow them to succeed academically after graduation, they also learn to experience and share virtues.
Evangelization missions along with other aid opportunities, invite them give themselves to others.

  • Catholic Formation
  • Social Participation
  • EPA (Education for Love)
  • Virtues
  • Missions
  • Behavior, Discipline y Habits

Oak International Academies

Students have the opportunity to complete their studies in an unbelievable experience abroad. Live and study in other countries with the same advantages of integral formation they have at home.

Physical Training, Sports Academies and Friendship Tournament

Sports are opportunities to form will and character, the sense of belonging to a team, forge true friendships and fight for victory.