Lower School

Learning Model

  • Eclectic, based on competencies and curricular crosslinking.
  • Sunrise academic program
  • Education based on Competencies.

Learning centered model:

  • Intelligence development.
  • Affectivity strengthening.
  • Socialization enrichment processes

Knowledge + Skills + Strategies + Attitudes + Values
Resolve problems and determine quality of life

Skills? – Competencies?
Skills: Capacity to efficiently perform a task.
Competencies: To be efficient in diverse situations.

Other program benefits

  • Emphasizes learning by projects and not by memory.
  • Learn by asking, arguing and producing knowledge.
  • We help them successfully face a changing world.
  • Students practice on daily basis concepts learned in the classroom.
  • Encourages reason to solve problems.

In Pinecrest we love reading.

  • Through different literary genres books and activities booklets students are taught to value, analyze, criticize and inquire about the books they read.
  • Our website supports the program by analyzing the reading speed and providing additional materials in case the student is interested in the subject.

More on how they learn…

    • Science is not only a descriptive level, it is approached by hypothesis, with these methodology students learn to observe nature an question a phenomenon to be able to relate to cause and effect.
    • English is not only a class, it is immerse in the different subjects, this improves vocabulary, writing, reading and oral expression abilities.
    • We offer our students the opportunity to prove their knowledge and skills by offering this certificates:
      • College Board
      • APRENDA (3º)
      • National Standardized Test (3º a 6º)
      • YLE Cambridge Certificate
      • Microsoft Office Specialist
      • Premio Semper Altius

Human and Spiritual Formation

In this stage, the bond with Jesus becomes stronger since students are preparing to receive the First Sacraments. We guide them so they can get to know the friend constantly seeks and loves them.

We provide different programs that strengthen this crucial area in their lives:

      • Catholic formation.
      • Social Participation.
      • EPA (Education for Love)
      • Virtues campaigns
      • Club Net
      • Ecyd
      • Club Faro
      • Missions and Missionary Family
      • Behavior, Discipline and Habits.

Physical Training, Sports Academies and Friendship Tournament
We believe sports are an opportunity to live and develop human virtues and a key to physical development.