We provide our students with a healthy environment, a delicate care and enthusiasm to live a joyful experience through their preschool years. These early years of education are definitive when building the foundations that will make them good people. We seek to provide a positive environment to achieve their development successfully.

Our reading and writing teaching process is focused on teaching students how to express their ideas and feelings and how to interpret the messages in the texts that they read.

We seek that our students act effectively in various situations, and develop competencies, skills and attitudes to function successfully in the physical, social, and emotional area.

Some areas that we can highlight: 

  • Work by scenarios
  • Development of projects
  • Program of Virtues and Catholic Formation
  • Bilingual System for successful learning of the English language
  • Competency-based learning
  • Psychomotricity

Bringing the nearby environment of the student into the preschool gives security to the child, because it allows him to predict what is going to happen in his surroundings.