Single Gender Education within co-ed environments.

It is an age-old discussion had by parents when choosing a school: which model is better? Single-sex or co-educational?
At Pinecrest International School we offer a different option that brings together the best of both systems.
Scientific studies have proven the benefits and advantages of each system in enhancing student learning.
At Pinecrest International School we firmly believe that a student benefits from single-sex or co-ed grouping depending on age. We are committed to providing our students with an environment that allows them to maximize their integral development. These factors have given rise to our unique grouping model which offers students the best of both worlds.
The Best of Both
At the core of the Semper Altius pedagogy lies the belief that the school should foster the integral development of each and every student. We are convinced that differentiated education, at the academic level, helps our students achieve a greater development of their potential. However, we are aware that giving our students the possibility of living in a mixed environment will help them develop social skills, grow as emotionally health individuals, and acquire other abilities which will better prepare them for life after school.
Common activities (recess, civic ceremonies, celebrations, etc.) are carried out in a co-educational environment for all students.
Co-ed class grouping is available for our Preschool and High School students, while Lower and Middle School students will be grouped in single-sex classrooms. This allows our teachers to better manage our students’ educational journey specifically catering for their individual and collective needs and interests during the formative years in which development of each sex differs significantly.

What are the advantages for the student in a differentiated education classroom?
  • They receive a personalized education, favoring their learning.
  • They learn the same content, but with methods according to the preferences of each sex, improving their academic performance.
  • They are motivated based on their interests improving their academic performance
  • There is greater participation: students are given the opportunity to present their ideas, take risks, make decisions and seek greater depth in their arguments when they are presented with a nurturing and safe environment of peers.
  • There is a better development of intimacy, social-affective relationships and apostolic-spiritual life.
  •  There is a learning climate in which making mistakes is an essential part of significant learning experiences.
  • Students achieve better academic results in standardized tests.
  • Allows a space with less distraction in the classroom.
  • Considers the emotional differences between students as their interests and needs are taken into account.
What are the advantages for the student in a co-educational classroom?
  • They prepare better for a mixed world in professional and adult life.
  • They form mixed groups of friends for life.
  •  They achieve optimal socio-emotional development. 
  • They grow up living with the other sex naturally and spontaneously.
We know that all parents seek the best education for their children. They want their school to be a friendly, fun place to help them realize their full potential; an environment that motivates them to learn, to be creative, to develop their talents and where they can make friends for life. Come and discover how at Pinecrest International School we seek to maximize the development of your child’s intellectual, social and emotional potential.

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