Personalized Attention

We believe that it is people who educate, not educational systems. We encourage our teachers to accompany each student in the path to be the best version of themselves.

Trust that our teachers are committed with the integral formation of each student.

We consider teachers as a fundamental bond for each student to achieve their maximum learning.
We promote that teachers know each student in their interests, desires and abilities achieving:


Personalized Attention

We work a personal project of integral formation with each student in order to develop each of the following areas: intellectual, human, social and spiritual.

To achieve this formation in an effective manner it is necessary to provide students a personalized attention.To favor this kind of attention, our groups have an appropriate number of students, thus allowing us to meet their needs in an individual manner.

We offer person-to-person treatment which facilitates communication and establishes an individual relationship with each of our students and their families. 

From this personal knowledge, their talents and skills are potentialize, promoting the development of their intelligence, the proper use of their freedom and a solid formation of their will.

We know that students are not confined to be only a number in a list: each one has a first name, last name, future and own qualities.

In our educational system, discipline has a special formative sense, and is an indispensable means for the human formation of our students. It is the kind of discipline that seeks to form in students the personal conviction to build strong personalities in virtues as a result of the constancy of positive habits, and in the consciousness for the proper use of freedom and responsibility.