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Preschool Pinecrest Week

During several weeks our preschool students learned and investigated about a country.  Each grade and group discovered a different culture and part of the world. 
Bambolino 2 : Egypt
Bambolino 3 -
  • A: France
  • B: Brazil
  • C: Spain
Kinder 1 - 
  • A: Peru
  • B: India
  • C: South Africa
Kinder 2 - 
  • A: Mexico
  • B: Cuba
  • C: Italy
Kinder 3 -
  • A: China
  • B: United States
On Thursday, March 30th, was the presentation of the projects, and parents where invited to participate in different activities related to each country. 
We congratulate the preschool staff, who did an extraordinary work to represent and decorate each classroom as the county they chose.